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ONE80 is a uniquely designed three phase system that will give you the ability to have a complete body transformation. Each step is essential and created to work in conjunction with you to achieve your optimal goal. ONE80 may address the mental, physical, as well as spiritual aspects associated with your complete wellness journey. The ONE80 phases, the time you choose to start is very important. There are several determining factors to consider ensuring the best possible results:

  1. Determine the 30-day period that you can commit to the phase structure of the system. Life’s always busy, so please be mindful of upcoming life events when figuring out your start date.
  2. To get off to a good start, it’s best to have at least two days off from work and/or free from distraction for Phase 1: LOADING to be effective.
  3. Women: It’s important to start immediately after your monthly cycle ends OR at least two weeks before you know it’s going to start.
  4. Phases: 1 = Fat Loading, 2 = Fat Burning, 3 = Maintenance


VIBE is the nucleus or cornerstone supplement that the ONE80 System revolves around. Using vibrational signatures from the Earth's finest herbs and botanicals, VIBE's proprietary formula biohacks the body's ability to accelerate healthy fat burn, protect muscle, aid appetite control, and boost natural.


There are many body processes that must work together in order to reset weight sustainably. LEAN Metabolic Booster supports each of the body's requirements to burn fat effectively and sustain healthy weight levels. LEAN's blend of proven plant-based extracts and compounds optimize peak metabolic performance, activates thermogenic fat burning, decreases fat storage, increases fullness and minimizes hunger, and improves lean body mass. In addition, LEAN's specialized formula provides the necessary energy you'll need when you may feel fatigued in between meals.


In case you may not know, stress, inadequate sleep, and weight loss do not mix. The constant release of stress hormones, like cortisol, have negative impacts on detoxification and your body's ability to lose and maintain healthy weight. That's where CALM comes in. Crafted with a blend of the highest quality cannabinoids, herbal relaxers, and neurotransmitter adaptogens, this rest & relax hemp extract will lessen stress during your ONE80 and promote all-natural restorative sleep by night.

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