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Whatever the reason for wanting a breast reduction surgery, such as back pain, difficulty fitting into certain clothing brands or wanting to change one’s image, we have the professional tools and skills to help. At Paul C. Dillon, MD Inc, we can provide breast reduction surgery as an option to change a patient’s body the way they desire.

There is no reason to continue living unhappily with the specific size of one’s breasts and being dissatisfied with one’s overall image. With our treatment, we can help you to draw out your inner beauty and help achieve the outer appearance you desire. We can help you to reach a comfortable breast size you prefer.

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Benefits of Breast Reduction

Since each patient is unique, they may seek breast reduction surgery for different reasons. On top of that, each patient will probably have a different size they prefer to reduce their breasts to. During a consultation, we can go over the surgery, various options and what the results may entail for the patient.

Also known as a reduction mammaplasty, this procedure involves removing unwanted fat, skin and tissue from the breasts. Benefits of this surgery can include:

  • Relief from rash or skin irritation under the breasts
  • Relief from frequent back, neck or shoulder pain due to the breasts
  • Alter the breast size to achieve the ideal image the patient desires
  • Help ease the difficulty of fitting into certain bras and clothing
  • Help relieve possible nerve pain

  • Far too often, patients will avoid seeking breast reduction surgery and face these daily struggles that can also cause physical pain. Instead of making life more difficult, we can help to remove a specific amount of fat, skin or tissue from the breasts to decrease them to the ideal size the patient chooses.

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    The Breast Reduction Process

    To begin the process, the patient will need to schedule a consultation. While the steps can vary per person since medical testing may be necessary to ensure the patient’s body can handle this type of procedure, the common steps will include:

  • The consultation
  • The surgery
  • Follow-up Care

  • Consultation

    During the consultation for a breast reduction surgery, we will review the patient’s medical history, current condition, insurance and any other pertinent information we need to know. We will also take time to go over what the patient is hoping to get out of this procedure and build a treatment plan for that. This is the time to ask any questions and address all concerns.

    Once we map out the treatment plan for the patient, we will determine the date of the surgery and go over any steps the patient needs to take before beginning the procedure.

    Preparing for the Procedure

    Preparing for the breast reductions surgery may involve taking various medical lab tests, ceasing smoking for at least a certain period before the procedure and avoid taking any anti-inflammatory drugs to help control bleeding during the surgery. Some patients may need to get a baseline mammogram as well.

    Patients who actively smoke will need to also need to avoid smoking for a certain amount of time after the procedure as well. We will go over how long this is during the consultation, if necessary.

    The Breast Reduction Surgery

    During the procedure, the patient will be under general anesthesia and remain asleep throughout it. We will determine the specific technique to use after we identify what we are removing. In some cases, liposuction will be able to remove the specific amount of excess fat from the breasts. Other methods include making an incision at the areola and down each breast.

    We will then remove the excess skin, fat or tissue to reduce the size before reshaping the breasts. We will also take time to reposition the nipples and areolas. Once complete, we will place everything in the proper position before we stitch up the opening to finish the procedure.

    Follow-up Care

    While there is some possibility that incision scars may never completely heal, the final appearance will vary per patient. Following the surgery, patients will need to cover their breasts with bandages while taking medication to reduce soreness and decrease the risk of infection. Some patients may need a tube under each arm that helps to drain excess blood or fluid.

    For the first few days after the surgery, the patient may feel some tenderness, sensitivity, swelling and bruising in the breasts. The swelling can take several months to completely go away. During this time, the patient may need to schedule a checkup appointment to ensure everything is healing properly. Call us to schedule a consultation today.